A1 Flooring Solutions is Newcastle based company specializing in supply and installation of Australian and imported timbers: 
Solid; Raw; Solid Pre-finished; Floating and Laminated. 

New home, old home, concrete slab, particle board or existing timber floors... we do it all. We lay / install flooring onto battens, plywood, chipboard or old boards.  If you wish to rejuvenate your existing boards we will sand and polish it for you. When it comes flooring we do the lot, from A to Z. 

The consistency and excellence of our service has earned us a good reputation, something we are proud of.  We believe in and strive to doing it right the first time.
Phone: 02 4967 1481 After Hours:  0416 131 823
Fax: 02 4967 5741 or  0429 888 112



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